You Never Know


I place my hands upon the earth,

Moving my fingers along her lines,

Sensing all the life bellow,

Admiring its delicate flow,

The unique diverse creatures,

That come and go.

A spider, a beetle, an ant, one shape here, another there…

Green and blue, purple and red…

A multitude of color.

You never know what you are going to see here among nature.

It is unpredictable…


Who knows what leaves may come your way?

What plant will grant you with its presence?

What it will teach you…

You never know what gift lies ahead.

I long to hold each leaf in my hand,

Each plant and discover what it feels like,

Soft ? Crackly? Spiky?

You never know…

Are there any flowers?

What untold stories each tree may whisper,

What its bark may feel like,

Whether it has a particular smell.

I look forward to walking around its unique trunk,

Looking up at its branches,

What will I see?

What patterns, shapes will it gift us?

I look at the branches and discover various forms of animals and other creatures.

I wonder what else I will see?

It is never ending, full of wonder.

You never know…

A constant flow…

A wonderland…

A magical land.

Perhaps I will see a turtle strolling along,

Or an eagle soaring above hunting,

An owl perfectly camouflaged among the trees,

I have to learn to be quite aware and observant if I want to see it,

Otherwise I will just stroll by…

Unaware of the rich culture that stands everywhere before me,

Unnoticed with my mind in only mine,

Ignoring that there is another,

Much more diverse and alive than ever,

With its own way of life,

Its own ecosystem, beliefs,

Some with two legs, some with four, another with eight, or just one.

Hands, paws, beak, leaves or trunk.

Living within their world…

In coexistence, in harmony.

Different yet in cooperation,

In respect of each other’s own unique culture, personality, and individuality.

You never know what you might see….

As you dive deep under the ocean’s womb,

It could be a rainbow of reefs, a seahorse, a splendid octopus, or simply colorful pebbles,

The salty healing water against your skin…

Flying not above but bellow,

Traveling into the calmness of your dreams…

You never know what you might see…experience…feel…

Here among nature…

You never know…

As you take a walk through a park,

Into the wilderness,

As you swim along a river,

Or climb a mountain…

You never know…

What numerous and endless gifts you are about to receive…

As you open your eyes and notice…

The details of the massive world and culture that exists right before you…

Within every step there is a new wonder there for you to experience…

Every step reveals another gift…

You never know…

What you might see, perceive, hear, sense, or experience among nature…

You never know…










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