33 – My Birthday Wish


Aloha! 🙂

On the 9th of January is my birthday and I wanted to do something special something I started a few years ago. I create an event. The first one I ever created was my absolute favorite and dear to me and I still beam with joy on the participation it received. Thank you!!!! The following years I felt well I cannot do the same! Well nope this year this truly is my choice whether I have done it before or not 🙂 I sat down and asked myself if I could receive anything what would it be?

As trees hold a special place in my heart I would like to invite you where ever you are in the world to plant a tree as a gift to me and as thanks for their vital contribution to the world. This would be the best gift I could ever receive and makes my whole being sparkle with joy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
I invite you to have as much fun as you would like with it…be creative if you so choose! Name your tree, or don’t name it, write something about it a poem, a song, plant it as a celebration of your birth, or just simply plant it.

Feel free to share your experience here on the wall or a photo whatever makes your heart sparkle. 🙂
Location: Worldwide.
Day: January 9th.
Time: Anytime!
Feel free to share this event.
May you always have much happiness and laughter in your life,





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