A Very Different Kind of Birthday:


I hadn’t planned anything for my birthday all I had scheduled was I had my appointment at the Greek embassy to renew my passport. I asked the day before to myself, “Show me my capacity with having a different kind of birthday and with making it special.” I also asked as my body was feeling it strongly “what if I received a massage?”

WELL! I went into the embassy, they were behind schedule and the room had filled up. I had a blast waiting in the room. I love the chaos we have in Greece, and the intimacy among people, it is just different. And we are so funny, we are so chaotic, it’s hilarious! It was a comedy act in there, a great little funny movie script between everyone’s comments and actions. I laughed so much with everyone’s comments and what was going on. Especially the 90 year old Greek man, complaining how there is not one behind the desk, making all these funny remarks and completely deaf, I had to go right up to his ear and yell in order for him to hear me, and then watching him try to communicate with the person at the desk and just saying yes to everything because he can’t hear lol.

Using the statement “show me something funny today,” every morning and then affirming with how does it get any funnier than this?” really is my favorite.
I loved that I got to speak my language that was a gift in itself. I loved joking and talking to the woman who does the passports, and the lovely man that works there. And listening to the chaos of well nothing is certain you do everything by the book but yet there is no real order.

She tells me the passport photos are useless, they did not do them correctly and that it happens all the time. I was very upset because I had made a point to ask them at photo place if they know. I swear life arranged all this perfectly. She gives me the address for this place. I go searching. When I reach the address I see no photo place just a beautiful building (didn’t click in my head). So I go walking and walking searching thinking, she gave me the wrong address. Finally I walk back and realize it was correct it was just kind of like a fancy mall so there are many stores in there. I get my photos and then I had to go to the bathroom, I decide not to wait until I get to the embassy. The washroom of course needs a key.

So I walk up to the security guard behind the desk. What do I see there though!

A young man in a lot of pain huffing and puffing and the guard calling an ambulance. I walk up to him and asked him if there is something I can do to help. He says “yes can you grab my arm,” I grabbed his arm and began massaging his back for about 20 minutes. (this is the massage hahaha..sometimes the universe has a big sense of humor!) as his whole back was spasaming up to his neck having all kinds of weird sensations, and having difficulty breathing. As soon as I started massaging him he felt better and he calmed down. I began talking to him and joking with him. The ambulance said they were busy would take them a while as they are having a busy day they actually insinuated for him to stand outside and in the cold and rain to wait which we did not do.

After I had him lay on the ground as he was in too much pain to stand. Unfortunately right there was the vent blowing right in his face so we got to laugh about that too. I held his hand. When his pain was intensifying I got him to focus on his breathing. When it got bad I did a little hypnosis with him and to my surprise he responded fantastically, he stopped groaning and moaning and flowed with me with our visualization, being very calm. We went through a whole series of stuff, calling his mother, moving him away from the vent trying to keep him, warm blabla… The guard was participating as well behind the desk.

I was so surprised at all the hundred’s of people walking around insensitive doing their thing. Only three people asked. I became judgmental yet I would have not been able to be there for him in that case, I was the one meant to be there at that moment.

We had some nice discussions which kept him distracted. Apparently he had gone to the hospital the week before with this intense pain, and they let him go after two days they couldn’t figure it out. I tried to explain to him that just because it is a hospital doesn’t mean they know anything, and that he should maybe look into something else.

The hospital kept calling and asking how he is doing but that they are backed up. And they are processing in order of severity. He was starting to get angry of course because he was feeling more and more pain and so was I getting a little frustrated of course watching him more importantly feeling him. Apparently he has been in car accidents three times. He is only twenty two years old.

I joked with him at one point, “soon they are going to have to take me with the ambulance if they don’t come soon,” because I was starting to be in pain leaning down on the marble floor and my back hurting bahahahaha….

The ambulance took three hours to come…..can you imagine?

I was just thinking how they say there is order in the world but it is pure illusion there is no such thing its complete delusion…the whole system and how this universal reality works is unorderly, it is ridiculous but yet everyone takes it so seriously. I find it hilarious. You have to do this and that this procedure. Nothing makes sense but yet most think it does and everything is perfect when it is complete illusion and pretend. You can in no circumstances take it seriously.

The timing was orchestrated perfectly, if they had not been late at the embassy, if I had not had to retake the photos and gotten lost, and had to go to the bathroom I would have not been there at that moment. So here is to EVERY beautiful moment of that day!!!!!

The whole time I was there with this person it was a beautiful experience a beautiful feeling. I actually had a lot of fun, and I am VERY GRATEFUL I was able to be there for him.

I had no plan, no agenda for my birthday for the first time well minus the passport,  I allowed it to be and go however it was to be…and the result? Magic….

Between the embassy experience, having at least 35 trees planted for my birthday (as it was my birthday wish), and being there receiving and contributing to this person I would say, huge gift and YES the best birthday I have had so far   



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