Coyote Wish!!!


My one wish before leaving Canada was to see a coyote. I even went out last night into the forest in hopes of seeing one. I got to hear one which was a gift in itself. Today I went exploring the forest. I did ask “what if I saw a coyote?” as one of my questions but not with any seriousness, my mind came in and said not going to happen its day time. Enjoyed a beautiful walk in the forest.

Just now on my way back I was strolling along and thinking ,and got hit by this awareness, thi realization, and I start balling my eyes out. After a minute I just had a feeling to walk off the path to my right into the forest, as I walk I look up and see something moving. It was a f…….g coyote!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I walked up closer. It stopped and we looked at each other for a few minutes then off it went. It was sssoooo beautiful!!!! Sooo beautiful!! I was just crying with tears of joy because I was soooo happy and grateful!!!! omg the timing was perfect. Such a gift!!!

   It took 5 months to see one but it happened and I mean what more magical moment than that? tralalalala…yuupppeeee!!!!! Zipitydoda! I just wore a huge smile on my face all the way back and still am. Yaaayyyy!!!!!

I just saw a coyote, I just saw a coyote…yeeesssssss!!!!!!


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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