Aloha Canada



     Time to set those sails. I leave with some tears in my eyes, this is the place where I have felt the saddest to ever leave, maybe the only place, but mostly I leave with a huge smile on my face, a feeling of excitement, and extreme gratefulness. What a beautiful amazing, empowering journey it has been. Truly. The gifts have been endless, and the most important one I would say regaining my sense of trust, trust in life, but most importantly trust in me, in my being. Something that I could never loose. A complete surrendering and love for the unknown, an opportunity to pave the course I desire every step of the way. I am leaving empowered…with a sense of bubbly warmth in my heart….I wonder what beautiful amazing adventures I will be choosing next?….aloha……


The Unknown:
Sometimes you cannot know what lies a ahead, well not sometimes never, not logically anyway, not in the limited point of view we have on what is possible. The mind does not know but YOU know. You always know. Sure the mind will come creeping in sometimes confuse you as to what you should think, feel, do, not do, making you doubt yourself, your abilities, your capabilities, not knowing what is you or your mind (the outside world) but just remain silent for a few moments forget all that you think you know and listen once more to that within. The only one that knows what your next move should be, your next choice. Feel safe and comfortable with not knowing how things will happen, in what form they will come. Do not plan specific outlines of every step of the way of your life, because then that will be your only option, when so many unknown magic could come flying into your life from every direction, every door not just from the one you have selected as the only one. Do not settle with your conclusions, with life, instead open all those doors allowing everything to pass through. So much more than you expected. So much more than you anticipated or thought was possible. You can have so much more, it can be endless, if you just embrace the unknown. The unknown which is not unknown to your inner deeper self, simply unknown to the world around you and your mind. The unknown is your deepest power. THE UNKNOWN IS YOUR INNER KNOWING. Your inner knowing is you.



Photo by Adithetos Melourgos.


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