I am totally zen-d out… All I can say is mmmmm….& mmmmmmm…

Last night me and two of my friends got these amazing delicious pizzas and cooked them in the outdoor oven fire. We followed up by going into the hot tub nestled among the trees in the forest. We were completely zen-d out, the relaxing flowy nurturing water, the smell of the cedar wood, sound of the rain pouring outside, which occasionally a few drops would come in refreshing us.  Lying there in silence each in their own euphoric inner space.  We all had perfect harmony,  all of us in our own space just beautifully amplifying each other’s relaxation, without saying a word. The dynamics were wonderful. Three of us in the same space but yet each completely within themselves , no disturbance, there was only euphoria.

My body? My body felt as if it was floating in the clouds. My body was just mmmmmmmmmmm… & again mmmmmmm………it actually felt like when I am dancing, free, expansive, in euphoria….

🙂 🙂 🙂



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