Are You Truly Being Recognized for Who You Are?

So easily and often we get caught up in that trap of how things were, what used to be, and ignore the now. There is no past or future there is only now. How do we feel with this individual NOW? Do we feel honored, empowered, encouraged to be who we are and not what they are, or think we should be? It’s so simple yet so easy to get caught in the mind tricks, emotional tricks, ignoring a simple fact.

Forget how you feel about this person how much you love them, or they love you, it makes no difference. Forget what your connection to them is, what history you shared even if it was a fairy tale of the most perfect kind! It means nothing. How does this friend, lover, or family member make you feel NOW? Do you smile in their presence with sparkles in your eyes, a pleasure to be in their aura? Are you empowered to follow your dreams and share the unique sparkle that only you can be? Or do you get told you must follow the path everyone takes? Do you get complimented on your amazing gifts or do you get judged for them? Most importantly can you be yourself? Can you express all that you feel, breathe, imagine while giving each other high fives? Or do you stand in each other’s way?

There should be no compromise, only allowance for each to be what they choose to be at each moment, to do what gives us joy. Those are the correct people in your life. Do you feel recognized and seen for who you truly are? Or do you feel you have to try, to prove yourself or explain yourself? There is nothing to explain my dear. You are who you are, and if you are not recognized, remember you cannot recognize them either. You stand in each other’s path. One saying “come this way.” The other “no come this way!” So there they remain both in the middle of the crossroad. Neither is going along its unique path, only remaining static, unmoving, with no wings to fly.

Do you recognize me? If so give me a big old loving hug and bid me farewell as we both walk down our own unique paths, happy at the DIFFERENT decorations and symbols along the roads, the dances and moves we do along the way, the different animals we’ll meet along the way, and experiences we live. Occasionally meeting along the way grateful that our paths have crossed, ready and excited to hear each’s story and way. “Good for you! What a different way from mine it is! What works for you does not not work for me, how fascinating!” Smiling and laughing, sharing, uplifting until it’s time to follow our hearts again on different roads with different sets of tools, embracing each other’s uniqueness, praising each other along the way……..


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