Fear of Letting go of Everything that Was Not us


What we felt last year, or many years ago, no longer matters…what matters is now what you feel, and sense now. When we attach ourselves to what was then, then it will never change or transform you will always be that, and experience that, it will rule your life. That was not who you are. By simply accepting it with no judgment it fades away. By being in your body at this moment in time, being yourself, you feel joyful, you truly see what is correct for you and what YOUR truth is for YOU.

     That is your truth, not what was then. You, your body was different 5 years ago. We are continually morphing and changing. Actually we are not changing we are becoming more of who we are. What we have always been, not the world around us and the conditioning we received. That is not you that is the outside world. So it might appear you are changing, but you are simply being more of yourself. You are discovering who you truly are not what you have been conditioned to believe you are.

We do not fear change, we fear to let go of who we thought we were. We think it is the unknown yet the more you are yourself the more you become aware. Far from being unknown it is what you always have been, it is the joy, the love, the caring you always knew was possible, it is the most comfortable real sensation you could ever have. It’s you.




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