Unlock Your Door to Happiness

I had written this a while back but hadn’t gotten to posting it yet.


   Unlock Your Door to Happiness

(Some thoughts on happiness)


 The key is the awareness that we do not have to reach a certain goal to be happy, to be satisfied. We think happiness will come when we have done this or that, when we are with a specific person, or when we have reached a certain goal, attain a certain result. It is always in the future when there is NOTHING to do. It’s to be. Happiness comes from being our self at this moment in time. We believe we can only be ourselves when we have reached something when we are retired, when we have a child, when this and that. Yet this is not the case. We will never be satisfied in this way.

    We are closing all doors by making a specific result and outcome as our happiness, we are giving our power AWAY. As if we are powerless and there is only one thing outside of our self that can prove our worthiness. Then it is easy to blame society, other people, and judge. By focusing and concluding that there is this only one or two things, we close the door for so many amazing spectacular things to happen. They can’t come because all we see is this one thing. There can be a beautiful pack of wolves just a few feet away and all we will see are the few pieces of garbage lying on the ground, and thinking how terrible the world is. I know not a very good example.

     We will only accomplish that goal at one point in your life if we ever do (probably not) and when we do then we realize “shit, I am not happy what is wrong?” Because that is not what happiness is..

     Happiness is being you at every moment of the day. It is everything. It is not a goal to attain, or something to reach, there is nothing to reach, it is there. We leap in and out of being ourselves throughout our lives. It is about being ourselves more and more. It’s not like once you are yourself that’s it, it is done. That you will always be yourself and there will be no problems…no.  It is not a solution that once you do it, it’s over with.  It is about each moment choosing to be yourself, it is a constant choice. And I am not saying it is easy because we have been trained so much to do the opposite. 

     Happiness never comes from accomplishing something specific, yes you might feel it temporarily, but then it will be gone and you will not be happy anymore, then you will find something else that will make you happy in the future. You will never reach that state of SATISFACTION. When we do finally be ourselves whatever that is to each and follow what our body is saying which is different for each, then all those goals and things you want will come and a lot more.




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