Nature: The Perfect Example

“Whenever I have found myself stuck in the ways I relate to things, I return to nature. It is my principal teacher, and I try to open my whole being to what it has to say. 

Wynn Bullock

     I have been dwelling temporarily, in a beautiful house tucked away from the city vibe and hugged by a special land nestled with large tree’s and overgrown natural grass sprouting to reach the sun. Among the city environment, there stands this unique house and land secretly, standing out from the rest.

     Every day there are magnificent birds, that fly in and out and about, fluttering their wings amongst the branches communing in their language, a tender sweet song to my listening, well tuned ears of nature. Bunnies, hop in periodically also to enjoy the peaceful sanctuary this land provides. And then there is the most golden goldfish in a little pond, shining especially when the sun’s rays reflect upon his color through the water, the place he calls home. Festios I have named my little golden friend.

     Recently, I was told they are going to demolish the house to build condos. The other day when they came for measurements, my heart sank into sadness. I began to think “what about the tree’s, the bunnies, the birds and what was going to happen to Festios?”Here, exists such a treasure yet, they are going to destroy it. Do their eyes and heart not see the value?

 I suddenly got hit, with incredible awareness on the relationship between nature and humans.

    We talk about protecting the environment, nature and “saving” the planet from destruction. The only way of being correct with the environment is by being ourselves, our essence. Our nature is to be content with ourselves like nature is, yet we are not. It is not about money, materialism, and greed, it is because of people’s lack of satisfaction, fulfillment and being in life. Nothing can ever be enough, when there is no self.     

    All power is given to the external world we have created in disconnect from the real world we truly live in. People are not actually trying to destroy, they are not greedy. They are searching unaware, living in the future, the past, and trying to find that something that will finally give them that sense of satisfaction they yearn for. In battle with everyone, with the world, and becoming destructive towards the environment. Not realizing they are harming the one actual thing that will provide them with content, in the attempt to find what nature actually gives us.

    When we are not being ourselves we cannot see the beauty that surrounds us around every corner. The magic of every moment.  We are not being, so how can we? We are not existing, we are saying we will exist in the future when we have done this or have that. Yet it is all here right now. When you exist within your body and not out, every moment, every detail, is just that…beautiful. There is no greater satisfaction than being yourself, from this comes peace in all its entirety.

     When the battle begins, we enter with fault and judgment. “They are, that person is, that group is destroying the environment.” Who is? We all are. We must remember it is a collective result. Everyone of us individually is choosing not to be aware, to be who we are, or what we are meant to be. No one is purposely trying to destroy nature, they just are not aware of it because they do not see themselves. We are in battle with our self, so we battle with everything around us. That which is not itself will seek to go against that which is.

    That’s how it is with people as well. Those who are not being themselves will judge those who are being themselves. It is not personal and they are not trying to harm you, just like people are not trying to harm nature purposely. It is a lack of awareness, a lack of self. They do not see nature because they do not see themselves. They cannot see you either because they cannot see themselves.

    People can harm nature yet they cannot destroy it. It will only be off balance and thrown a little off course. After a little while nature adapts and it goes back to being itself and in harmony with its environment. Observe the trees and animals. Nature does not go off and say “really? You are harming me, I do not forgive you, and go into battle with humans.” It has no barriers or walls. It receives all this massive judgment yet it re-grows, expands, and continues to be. Same with us. Someone can judge us, or “harm” us, which might create a little instability in our lives but soon after if we are being ourselves, joy is re-established. 

    Nature is itself, it is being every moment of the day. It is satisfied it does not have to prove or have something in the future or become something, it just is. Therefore it does not only survive, it thrives! It is not struggling to be each moment and so it works in harmony, every being with each other, they are just flowing and being. There is no resistance that is why we love nature, that is why we are attracted to it, the reason we find it calming and beautiful. It is being and…in those moments it allows us to be more of ourselves. Nature reunites us with ourselves. This is the reason it is such an important tool in us becoming more of our selves.

     Nature naturally moves in harmony, on its own. It just knows. It does not try to control. It never stops to say “shit I should have done this yesterday, or I must do this in order to have this?” An eagle does not decide, “I can only find food at that specific location, at that time of the day, otherwise I am lost.” It creates no limitations, it follows its instincts at that moment. It fly’s and captures at the right moment.

    Does an orangutan tell the tree when it needs to bare fruit so it may feast on them? It adapts to the tree’s cycle. It allows the tree to bloom when it chooses, picking another tree that is bearing fruit at that moment.  It does not create limitations. The orangutan is allowed to be and so is the tree. If it does not work the orangutan moves on to another tree. If it sat there with the tree arguing with it “no you must bare fruit now,” it blocks the natural cycle of the tree. Then the tree would not be itself, creating an imbalance to the plants that live by it, and the insects that dwell on the tree, and so on causing everything to go off their natural cycle.

    The bear does not know what the cherry tree’s natural cycle is. Only the cherry tree knows. Everyone is different. We make conclusions, set of rules, theories, and remedies. All it does is lead to frustration. “Why isn’t it working for me?” Because that is not how it works. You have your own rhythm, your own cycle, which you and only YOU know. Listen, your body will tell you and help you remember, the right cycle for you. That is the beauty of each individual. Only we know how and where our center is.   

    Being our self allows others to be themselves. The more we are ourselves the more harmony and caring exists in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than a person being themselves.

   I understood this deep connection I have always had with nature. It is actually my connection to self. Because, I was raised out in nature, I share this love and deep connection to it, yet nature was the one establishing the connection to myself. This, is why in nature I feel complete harmony.

    We share a love and connection to nature because it allows us to be ourselves there is no judgment, only being, which is what we feel also with others in our lives who do not judge us and accept us,  and let us be, who and what we choose. They empower us just like nature empowers us. This is also because there is no conditioning from nature. In society we are constantly being conditioned by one another. We pick up on other people’s feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and points of view. TV, school, family, society, culture…it is only natural, yet unnatural.

     When we enter nature, there is a purity there is no point of view on anything. We are not being influenced we are in a space and time where we can feel what we truly are. There is clarity because we are not bombarded with judgments. The more time we spend in nature, the more relaxed we become and the closer we get to being ourselves. There is no need to go far. It is as simple as going for a walk by a tree or some flowers anywhere, and we can feel it.

    When I am in nature I find my fascination, and wonder, spreads into all. I begin to notice all the little iddy bitty details of life. I am completely in the moment. That is what gives me joy, and I am able to pass that joy and awareness onto others because of it. When I am in nature I am filled every time with inspiration and creativity, I write stories, fairy tales, visualizations, take photographs, and all kinds of things, I create constantly!  And it passes down to others. I don’t even have to do anything with it, it just happens. The same applies for you. When you are being all that you are you allow the other to do the same. No matter what you love and are passionate about, and when you are that you are being a gift to you and the world. All nature’s elements and earthlings are beautiful, because they are who they are meant to be, pure and true. This is what in fact draws us to nature captivating our attention and fascination, we can be who we truly are, and we get a taste of who we are.

 Nature is the greatest guide into the world of you.

      Nature is the perfect example. Every being is individual, it is self which then creates a harmonious balanced, satisfied collective. What if we did the same? 




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