“Good & “Bad”

Is there such thing as a good person or bad person? Or is it just who is correct for us to be around or not at that moment in time? If we took a person and asked 100 people’s opinion of them could they possibly have the same opinion? They would differ like black and white right? One person would say, “Oh they are the most horrible person!”  The other would say, “Oh they are the most beautiful of human beings.” Are the ones saying they are beautiful or the nice things right? Or is there no such thing?

Neither are right, neither are wrong. All it means is life guides us as to who is correct for us to be around, that will lead us in the best direction for our being, compliment our existence, empower us… which also can change throughout time. If they do not and it does not feel correct, it’s simple, we don’t be around them, or in the way we think we should. Yet we play the blame, and judgment game, making each other out as wrong.

Perhaps they are wrong for YOU or correct for YOU, and they are NOT wrong or correct as a being?

We resist life and change, trying to be in control of something that is beyond our control. We take our mind and create reasons why it should be this way, or that way, and lose our way.  It does not mean the person was once a good person and now they are an asshole, or that once they are correct for us they will always be, or even once they were wrong for us and they will always be. We don’t know. And how wonderful is that? The possibility life provides us as long as we do not limit ourselves by solidifying to an ultimate truth.

Do we allow people to do “mean,” “bad,” “manipulating” things to us because we resist what life is telling us? Does it have to come to that point so that we can finally listen to what our being is saying? To make that decision, to take that path? Is it their fault or simply making us aware? I wonder…………….

We serve a purpose in each other’s life, and then we no longer do so. It has NOTHING to do with love, with good and bad. We use love as the biggest excuse to keep us locked in or not locked into another.  We define it as something specific  and  strip it of its unlimited potential.  That is the incorrect use of the mind trying to create reasons as to why something is this, or that, to justify our actions, our reactions based on our predispositions and conditioning, and it’s not its fault. We cannot avoid it, simply be aware of it.

You have to listen to what your being is whispering to you. Shut up, stop judging it, yourself, and others.  We can’t possibly know why, our mind does not know what will be, or won’t be, only our being knows at that moment what is our truth, and only for us, no one else. And as we follow that, it knows then the next correct step, and the next.

So enjoy NOT knowing…enjoy….being…enjoy each step along the way…


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