My New Book “Treea’s Nature Visualizations”


    I am VERY happy to announce the release of my new book “Treea’s Nature Visualizations,” 🙂 🙂 🙂 

jpeg 2nd cover

     “Treea’s Nature Visualizations,” are a collection of timeless nature scripts, dedicated to rekindle the soul. For the use of hypnotherapists, facilitators, therapists or private use, as inductions, visualizations, guided meditations, in combination with other scripts or alone.

   They are designed to journey you into deep relaxation, connecting you with your inner force, cultivating inner growth while harvesting self confidence, and the unlimited potential you hold inside your being. Making room for life to live in you, and through you, to accomplish your desired goals, creating the life of your dreams, as you nourish your being to freedom, with success and happiness.

    Choose your place and time, and enjoy a deep fun loving, enchanting  journey into the world of nature and you!!!


Table of Contents:


Introduction…page 1
A Few Guidelines…page 3
Being in Love with You (Being That Tree)…page 4
Being the Rainstorm (Releasing & Being in Touch with Your Emotions)…page 14
Being That Wild Woman (The Powerful You)…page 20
Being That Natural Man Poseidon
(That Powerful You)…page 26
Woodland Fairytale…page 32
Nature & I…page 39
Journeying Within the Ocean…page 45
Sunset Drifting…page 50
Living Life as a Drawing…page 54


Available in Paperback:


Amazon UK


& All other Amazon Europe


For some examples of visualizations you can visit here:


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