Unexpected Beautiful Animal Encounters

I spent the day at one of the lakes a couple of days ago. One of the people I hitchhiked with was this wonderful man. I felt like he was looking directly in my soul. You know when you have those encounters with people. It’s like he knew. He knew how my day was going to go as well, giving me subtle indirect messages.
One of the things he said was a quote from a poet: “Flower work isn’t easy. Staying soft in fire takes time.” He also talked to me about deer and the contribution they are to the world.

   My company at the lake was this black and white dragonfly. I love how they just let you get as close as you want and just stare at you with those intense eyes.








Later on I went exploring and found this area where all these flowers were.




At one point I almost stopped but felt to go further. I reached a point where I felt to cut through off the path. I had a feeling I would see a deer but discarded it as wishful thinking. I felt extremely drawn to climb and go to this spot, and sit specifically next to this tree.

Well! I had major emotion come over me as I sat down and all kinds of awareness and releasing happening. Then I felt an extreme dejavu, how I was feeling exactly at that spot, in this forest. Then this beautiful deer comes walking in front of me some feet away from the right, staring me as it slowly would walk then stop, then walk. There was no fear. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. It started to make a circle around me the whole time looking straight at me. It had a very gentle energy. Sometime after I could not see it any longer. I remembered then that I have my camera with me and I could have taken a photo.…

Then I felt something and looked behind and it was staring at me directly behind me a few feet away between two trees. I sat for a few minutes looking at it. Then I turned to grab my camera but when I turned around it was slowly walking away. I got up and walked over which by now was far away and had its butt to me so I went to put my camera down but then it stopped, turned around and looked at me again. I took the photo and it then turned around walking back to where it came from. It had made a circle around me.



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