New Book: “Treea Fairy Tales ‘The Culture of Trees”


I am very happy to announce that the first children’s book of my series “Treea Fairy Tales ‘The Culture of Trees” is now out 🙂

Treea Fairy Tales “The Culture of Trees” is here to journey you into a wise and wondrous world of trees. The mystery of life is wrapped in a gift of adventure within fairy tales. This book is overflowing with fun, magic, dreams, empowerment, awareness, and beauty and you can participate by creating your own illustrations at the end of each story. So you can see the magic of each tree and their secret life that humans often do not see.

Like humans, trees have their own culture, their own way of life, system and customs. This book is the beginning of a series to introduce you to the culture of trees! These stories are about real trees that I have met in my life. They are living somewhere around the world spreading their magic across the land.

Enjoy a fairy tale journey into the life of trees!


Table of Contents:

Intro…page 1
Astor and Drisea…page 3
Emilie & the Rainbow
Adventures…page 9
Lycka…page 15
The Fellowship of Trees…page 20
Oramatistis…page 23


Available in paperback and kindle:


Amazon UK

& all Amazon Europe


For some examples of tree stories you can go to:


Facebook page:



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