Violence & Unkind Acts


    We are all capable of violence and unkind acts in our not-self state. Every single one of us. But that is not what defines us. What defines us is who we truly are. That is our truth and a choice to be, have control over our life, or lose control and be that which we are not. By controlling who we are humanity will always be in a state of instability this way, riding the wave of everyone around us but ourselves, with the potential of danger. Unless we learn to listen not to the outside but that which is within us, every step along the way, being aware of what is correct only for us. We know we always do. If you choose the outside world to tell you, we will always be in a state of danger, frustration, anger, cruelty; those are the moments they occur. The moments of peace, satisfaction, gratefulness, success, and joy are those where we are choosing ourselves to guide us, we are being ourselves. We are constantly experiencing both as we drift in and out of being ourselves and not. This is the duality.


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