The Mysterious Soap Bird Bandit

I have a mysterious bird who loves playing with soap it seems. Several weeks ago a friend gave me this bar of natural soap her friend had made. I placed it on a large rock out side next to my toothbrush and water (I am camping) to use when I wash my hands down there. Well the next day I looked and it was gone. I found it on the ground with marks all around it like from the bottom of a birds feet. I thought what on earth would the bird want with the soap. I place it back on that spot. The next morning when I woke up it was gone.

  A week later I decided to place another I had again homemade natural. The next morning it was missing from the rock. It seems like it was giving me a gift in exchange though as there were two feathers next to the rock. 

After ten minutes i discovered he had not taken it away but was under the bushes and some branches further away all scratched up with tiny pieces left. I grabbed it and put it back on the rock. Sure enough this morning it as missing again. I found it again in the spot it had left it the last time. 

  I guess this bird likes to play with soap hahaha…

I named him the Kleftroni.


Here are he feathers of this mysterious bird:






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