This Vehicle: The Only One

This vehicle…

My favorite one,

Being within it…

The best feeling there is,

I forget sometimes…

That it is the best sensation in the world,

To be aligned within myself,

To be myself,

To express myself,

There is no other thing, person, or place like it,

Or that can replace it,

Everything else feels fake…unnatural,


Comfortableness is found only within my own vehicle.

I can only be the uniqueness of me,

It is the only thing that feels fun, yummy, correct…euphoric,




This vehicle I ADORE…

That I am deeply grateful for,

Every little piece of it,

All its attributes,

Physical and non-physical,

Its movement,

Its innocence,

Its endless possibilities,

Its freakiness,

Its mutative capacity,

It’s will power,

Its ambition,

Its fearlessness,

Its selfishness,

Its recognition,

Its company,

Hell, its everythingness!

I carry it everywhere I go.

My most trusted advisor…

My only advisor….

There to remind me of the beauty of my uniqueness,

The beauty of the world…

The beauty and insanity of the program.

This vehicle…my best friend…




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