Generator Beauty

This is something I wrote for all of you beautiful Generators (Generators from the Human Design System) 

Generators maybe not be so hard on yourselves? It’s not like you are going to be satisfied every single day of your life eh? Enjoy the journey the mystery the experiment of getting closer and closer to having that more and more. Discovering what that satisfaction is for you and only you. Knowing that as time goes by its just going to be getting better and better as you let go of what your mind thinks that satisfaction is, limiting yourself to what that can be, and discovering newer and newer ways you can receive that satisfaction. Allowing the wisdom of your body to guide you.

Knowing it’s going to get better and better because you are aware of how it works. And if a deeply unsatisfying day happens and you are frustrated does that really matter? Have you truly failed anything? Or it just is? Maybe it’s part of your movie at that moment in time.

You have tomorrow and the next day. On to the next thing to respond to! You are always being given things to respond to every day, all day, that can change that, that can turn your dissatisfaction into satisfaction once again. Do you see the power in that? The IMMENSE power? You are so POWERFUL! You are! Yes, maybe you didn’t burn that energy, the battery correctly that day, the next though it’s there once again filled up once again, so that this time you can use it correctly. It NEVER runs out. You have a new choice each day to respond correctly. You never lose that battery, it never stops replenishing, it is always there. Do you see the gift in that? You are BEAUTIFUL.


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