Color 6 Motivation of Innocence

Motivations According to the Human Design System:

Those with color 3 Motivation of Desire are here to lead, to be involved, change what needs correction involved with what is not working in the world, the not-self. Those of us with color 6 a Motivation of Innocence are not here to be involved with all of that, it is not who we are. We are not here to be involved in what is going on in the world, with you. We are the role models, the fool that sits on the hill enjoying the stillness, watching all of you from a distance, just being.

We are here to be involved in what is correct, enjoying the beauty of life, just being in the moment, no plans, no agenda, no reason. Seeing and being the gift of life. We are not motivated we are just being. So do not try to involve us, that is not what we are here for. We do not see correction or problems, or something to change. We are not going to show you the way, we are going to be the way. We are doing in our way.

We shine differently. Perhaps those with a Motivation of Desire the leaders, and 5th color Motivation of Guilt the fixers (both doers) are meant to deal with the not-self and those with color 6 innocence are here to deal with the self?

We cannot fix or correct nor lead we have NO motive. Giving us something to fix or change is giving us a motive. This is not how we see. Let us be. We are not better, or more caring, or more loving, you are just different than me.

Observe as we are here to observe watch us float among the trees and nature’s little pleasures, being, let us be wild. Our gift lies elsewhere, do not try and involve us. If you do, you lose the powerful gift we offer. You cannot control us, only allow us. We do not belong among all of that. We are here to be involved in self. We do not try, we are here to be, with no particular goals, or dreams, we are open. Do not envy us, do not fear us, do not try and be us this is our way. Be your own beautiful motivation, what is true for you.

If you are color 2 Motivation of Hope sit and be hopeful, if you are color 1 Motivation of Fear investigate, use that amazing intelligence. Everyone in their rightful place and allow others to be in their rightful place. I am not you.

Such a beauty a motivation of Innocence is, such a beauty a motivation of Desire is, such a beauty a motivation of Guilt and Hope is, and that of Need and Fear. Such a beauty the Individual is, and such a beauty the Collective and Tribal are when they remain in their rightful place when it is being itself….and well, also when it’s not being self…..🌳


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