Tide Out

       A couple of days ago I discovered one of my favorite places to be. I went down to the sea and the tide was out, you could walk way way out there where it’s normally covered in water. It was right after sunset time, so the colors filled the sky. I walked towards it way out there. It was so beautiful, so extremely beautiful all the little crevices walking along right where the water begins with its gentle little ripples almost like mini waves so cute.       

      In one spot a heron came flying and landed by me, then another, there ended up being five of them hanging out being and waiting. I have never seen so many so close to each other and I do love herons.

       Later on as I walked away when I reached another spot even more far out and stopped another heron came flying landing very close to me. It was followed by another two. 🙂 I stood there for a while. Along the whole walk there was a beautiful light wind. I noticed on my way back I had not realized how far I had walked. How beautiful to be way out there of course no one else around out, night time, there among the vast sea…definitely one of my favorite places to be…


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