Trust You


I find it so entertaining when people are feeling a certain way with a certain situation with a person or people, and the other says “well that person this or that or that person feels this and that” blabla. What difference does it make what the other person’s behavior is or feels? As if our feelings depend on the other person, should be determined by the other person. That because they did this or that or they feel that way that should make us feel a certain way or view it a certain way. 🙄🙄🙄

Or the “well I think” “you should” “this is because” blabla…as if they know as if they are the other…generalizing. Using theories, concepts, ideas, systems to pretend they know. Only that person knows, only that person knows what they feel, see and perceive, they are not you. The other cannot determine or know that, if you allow that you are not you. You will never discover what is your truth. What do YOU feel? What do YOU see? What is true for YOU? What feels correct for YOU? Trust you. Then you can express it if others don’ get it that’s their problem they are functioning from their truth or who they think they are. No one else is going to get it only you. They are not you, they do not know what it is like to be you. You are the only one that knows that and what it means moment by moment. Trust you…

Recognize and embrace the beauty and uniqueness in you and in the other…


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